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Memories, friends, comforts, serendipitious encounters... 
your home just got social!
Rooms in Bangalore

Solo traveler or relocating for work? Are lonely hotel rooms or "some" homestay only stay options you have? Please read on t0 find out :)


When I first opened my home to strangers by listing one of the rooms in my house on Airbnb In Dec 2014, I had little inkling that I would love meeting people so much from across the globe.

I did it more out of necessity, as I had to find a source of income to pay my bills after I recovered from a prolonged period of depression. ​Earlier I ran a successful business for 15 years & then, inexplicably, I slipped into depression diagnosed as Dysthymia by a shrink. 

Just when I felt my world was crashing around me, with the help of counselling, medication & generous help from close friends, I picked myself up & it helped immeasurably that I had opened my home to guests, thanks to Airbnb. 

I totally loved hosting each one of my guests and in the process discovered that genuine, heartfelt warmth is precious & no amount of artificial smiles & curated services can substitute it.

What struck me was, while it is easy to find hotel rooms, service apartments, host driven or independent home stays on online discovery platforms, with few exceptions, most of these rarely fulfill travelers' latent needs such as - warmth & comforts of a loving home, intimacy, security, privacy, freedom of mobility & sense of bonhomie with other travelers.

If you are away from home for a stressful reason – maybe you are relocating for work – the last thing you want in your life is a lonely place to return in the evenings.

I have now built two beautiful, secure, serene & impeccably clean Co-living homes right in the heart of the city. Over a period of time these homes have evolved into a warm, luxurious, intimate, comfortable & an interesting living spaces that have hosted travelers from the world over. I endeavor to offer guest experiences that few luxury hotels or home stays can match. The places itself are simple, warm & beautiful without the usual trappings of luxury hotels such as ostentatiousness & opulence.

The Best Homestay in Bangalore. Rooms in Bangalore
Best Homestay in Bangalore. Rooms in Bangalore

Mi Casa Su Casa is an exciting social living space that feels just like home, far away from your home. We offer most comforts that travelers look for, plus experiential coliving with a community of like minded people.

All this at a bargain when compared to the cost of a luxury hotel stay.

A home is only as good as the people that inhabit it. Mi Casa attracts travellers from around the globe with diverse interests, who like social spaces, who prefer their breakfast at the counter in the dining area, dine in with friends or fellow travellers at a favorite restaurant instead of dining alone at that fancy Michelin Star restaurant in the hotel. It is people who make a place special!

A discerning solo traveler loves her comforts. She values her security & wants her privacy. Yet, ostentatious, opulent and lonely hotel rooms or serviced apartments aren't the only stay options she has.


Mi Casa beckons her :)... Come, be a part of an exciting, vibrant community of travelers. And it goes without saying that this opens up delightful likelihood of serendipitous encounters with a community of like-minded people.

Most importantly, each Mi Casa property is a warm & welcoming home that will take away the dreariness, fatigue & loniless associated with travel.

An open air shower. Rooms in Bangalore
Terrace Garden. Rooms in Bangalore


93, 4th Cross,

J-Block, Koramangala,

Bangalore - 560 034. INDIA

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