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Stories from the Best Homestay in Bangalore: Are Coliving spaces better than Luxury Hotels?

When I first opened my home to strangers by listing one of the rooms in my house on Airbnb in Dec 2014, I had little inkling that I would love meeting people so much from across the globe. I did it more out of necessity, as I had to find a source of income to pay my bills after I recovered from a prolonged period of depression.

I totally loved hosting each one of my guests and in the process discovered that genuine, heartfelt warmth is precious & no amount of artificial smiles & curated services can substitute it.

Earlier I ran a successful business for 15 years & then, inexplicably, I slipped into depression diagnosed as Dysthymia by a shrink. Just when I felt my world was crashing around me, with the help of counselling & medication, I picked myself up & it helped immeasurably that I had opened my home to guests, thanks to Airbnb.

A discerning solo traveler who loves her comforts, values her security & wants her privacy need not necessarily opt for an ostentatious, opulent, materially comfortable, yet lonely hotel room. Co-living spaces beckon her to become a part of an exciting, vibrant community of travelers who, in addition to their comforts & privacy, equally desire an exciting, enriching co-living experience. Add to this the delightful opportunities of serendipitous encounters with a community of like-minded people.

You could be a solo traveler or someone relocating for work. Or you could be someone who hates the winter in frigid Finland & other parts of the world with equally hostile winter. Thankfully, technology today allows people to work from anywhere. Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or a digital nomad — High-end Co-living spaces offer you quality living at an affordable cost.

Jam Session :) in the Best Homestay in Bangalore

Mi Casa Su Casa, Bangalore is a beautiful, secure, serene & impeccably clean home right in the heart of Bangalore. Over a period of time it has evolved into a warm, luxurious, intimate, comfortable & an interesting melting pot that has hosted travelers from​ the​ world over. I endeavor to offer guest experiences that few luxury hotels or home stays can match. The place itself is simple, warm & beautiful without the usual trappings of luxury hotels such as ​ostentatiousness, opulence & artificiality.

The Best Homestay in Bangalore
The Best Airbnb Stay in Bangalore
The Best Homestay in Bangalore

While it is easy to find hotel rooms, service apartments & home stays, these, with the exception of luxury or boutique hotels, are mostly clean, functional & rarely fulfill travelers’ latent needs such as - intimacy, privacy, security, freedom of mobility, warmth & comforts of a home, bonhomie with other travelers.