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Stories from the Best Coliving Spaces in Bangalore: Why Mi Casa is truly a melting pot and not merel

Rooms in Bangalore, Coliving Homes

Business and leisure travelers have fairly well defined travel accommodation needs.

  • Convenient & secure location

  • Clean, comfortable, quiet, spacious & well lit rooms with quality beds, Air-conditioning.

  • Crystal Clean bathrooms, Towels, Bathroom Essentials.

  • Study Desk

  • Privacy

  • Quick & seamless 30 seconds check-in

  • Morning Coffee with your favorite newspaper or your tablet

  • Friendly & welcoming support staff All of the ABOVE are a given at quality business hotels and so it is at Mi-Casa Su-Casa 😀

And if a traveler wants more? Complete Living experiences, Mi Casa has you covered again. Hotel Room?

  • Great mornings make for a great day. Step out of your room into a "gorgeously setup lounge that opens into a beautiful tree lined park. Here a gentle morning breeze welcomes you while birds chirp & squirrels go about their daily chores. Ask your Butler for your favorite cup of coffee or Tea. Would you prefer open air? No worries! 🤗A quick flight of stairs will take you to a beautiful terrace garden with arguably the most beautiful Tree Canopy - Feels like a jungle out here 🤠

  • Your choice of meals cooked by our Butler or one of those days where you wanna try out your culinary skills. Be our Guest Chef! 😇

  • Smiling faces around you with your morning coffee.

  • Celebrate your special occasion, be it a birthday or a great deal at work. Toast with friends, invite that cousin who lives in town, get a home cooked gourmet meal, play your favorite playlist and share your joy.

  • Concierge to help with getting around, travel around India, places to go to, getting a local SIM, finding out popular eating out joints, Cafes, Nightclubs, shopping places & most odd issues that a traveler might encounter.

  • Its's a beautiful day & Barbeque would have been awesome. No worries, you only need to let your host know.

  • You have to attend that important conference & need a bespoke suit. We have you covered here too. Get a personal appointment with a celebrity designer - Extremely talented & super creative Vivek Karunakaran for a bespoke tailored suit.


"Serendipitous Encounters!" Create moments of real joys, real experiences, that you can then share on your favorite Social Network. Did someone say tongue-in-cheek 😐

Social Network? Naah!! Instead bond with real people & share interesting interactions.

A gig from SofarSounds Event at Mi Casa

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Stories from Mi Casa :)

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